Five good Google Chrome extensions for developers


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There are many tools today. However, which ones are useful, which are already available and that of the companies that are really important?

Since Google is one or the largest search engine provider, Google is the first in question, if there are tools. I've put together 5 Google Chrome Toolbar tools that should be useful for one developer or another. I have summarized Analytics as one because it's all about analytics, even though they are 3 different tools.

My 5 Google Chrome extensions for developers

I use all of these tools myself and thought of why not recommend them, if they are useful to me they will hopefully be useful to others, in the sense of having fun:)

Google Maps is probably one of the best known

So you can check with the help of Google if your map works properly. This is quite handy, because you can test it with this directly in your browser. The Google Maps API checker is very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge as everything is described and help pages are linked for support.

 Google Maps

Tag Manager to monitor your tracking in the browser

Tag Manager

If you're using Tag Manager, it's very helpful to install the extension to make sure your Tag Manager code is working. Otherwise, you work blindly and it is not certain that your code really works.

You can of course also look in the console, but this is more practical. And you can monitor any embedded code via the tag manager with this extension also Google Analytics.

 Tag Manager

The AMP validation is only interesting for developers with AMP environment

AMP validator

You can install this tool in Chrome to view the errors without having to look in the console or even if the website has an AMP page. Thus, one knows immediately whether the visited website also exists in AMP.

Or you use in the browser the URL debug in which you expand the URL with your AMP side as follows YourURL#develpoment=1 here you have however no AMP sides detection. And so you always have to invoke the developer tool in the browser with the item Examine so you can debug.

 AMP Validator

Publisher Toolbar interesting for Google Analytics and Adsense users

Publisher Toolbar

With Chrome, you can use this tool to view your statistics on your website, such as Analytics, Adsense, and others. It's very handy to quickly get some info.

 Publisher Toolbar

Google Page and Debug Analytics

Analytics page
 Page Analytics

These tools will show you detailed information about what is fired, set or which pages have many visitors (ie Analytics) and so on. You can use it for example to check if your anonymous IP attacks. Every lawyer's website describes this as having to be legally secured. Of course you can also get other information that will be useful to you.

Analytics debug
 Analytics Debug

Do not record own data to improve the evaluation

Disable Google Analytics

It is a great pity to capture your own data and make the evaluation of the tools used more difficult. Therefore, you should definitely use this tool to make sure that you do not ruin the evaluation.

 Disable Analytics


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