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Set up the Google Search Console and that necessarily! Formerly called webmaster tools, it is an important tool even if some underestimate it. The Google Search Console provides you with all the necessary data and important information about your website. Thus, you can evaluate everything and react u.a. You can connect the property to Analytics.

Add Property in Google Search Console

In order to work with the [strong] Google Search Console [/ strong] you have to verify your website first, there are different possibilities. But first click on Add property like below in the picture.

Set up Google Search Console

New is that you can enter a domain and then this example. automatically http and https acts. We will set up a URL here because it will be the solution for most.

Enter here as below in the picture your URL for your web page as it is attainable. Pay attention here to the correct form, your domain should be accessible only under one variant and the others should forward to the one, more on that below.

Google Search Console Tutorial

Confirm website property

Most use the HTML file as it is recommended, but I think it makes no difference which version you finally use in the end. Personally, I like to use the HTML meta tag to verify, because then I have no extra file on my server, which I actually do not need.

Google Search Console

Most use the HTML file as it is also recommended by Google, but I think that it makes no difference which variant you finally use in the end. Personally, I like to use the HTML meta tag to verify, because then I have no extra file on my server, which I actually do not need.

Your website is like your home, shop or even hobby, an address under which you or your product to reach since and accordingly, the website should be treated. But I do not want to go deeper here, as there are a lot of similar examples like above.

 Search Console Verifizieren
If you have Verified then your first property should be created. So with you have already done it and get from Google the first instructions on how to proceed via the Search Console by message.

 Google Search Console

Website Setting for the Property Settings

Verified? Then make sure that your domain can only be reached at one URL ie. is only accessible at this URL if you enter it like this you will be redirected to etc. and so it should be the form in the end, you decide.


Do not forget to verify your website with other webmaster tools, e.g.  Bing Webmaster Tools

Collected data in Google Search Console

If your website is set up well you will see success, this is not the case you will u.a. a lot of bugs depending on how big your website is. Eliminate the mistakes so as not to jeopardize and improve your ranking.

Google Search Console Data

You can watch a lot in Search Console and the good thing is that it's from Google itself. Here is the complete overview of the Search Console from Structured Data to Crawler interactions, you will find everything you can to improve your website.

It is best to inform you in advance what u need so that these errors do not even arise in the Search Console :)

Submit sitemap or sitemaps

You can submit bundled and compressed sitemaps, ie a sitemap index where more sitemaps are listed in groups.

Google Search Console Sitemap einreichen

All pages that are in your sitemap will then be recorded and displayed accordingly. You can see all details e.g. if indexed pages are in the sitemap.

Connect Search Console Property to Analytics

You can also connect your property to Analytics to view the Search Console data in the Analytics interface. Here for change at the moment still to the old Search Console and proceed as pictured, because at present this function is not implemented in the new Search Console.

Google Search Console and Analytics

As you can see you can do any amount with the Search Console and it is already a newer version available that you can use synonymous.


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