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There are many hackers, but most are not discovered or are good hackers and self-proclaimed. Systems are hacked every day, even if it is not published, the goal is mostly to use systems, programs, software, apps, emails, etc. to get data. Anything that is insignificant to you makes a lot of money in quantity when you evaluate and sell it.

The companies who are stealing data, money and traffic or the like would never publish it unless it is uncovered somewhere. Why they would not publish it is quite simple, you would not use it there if you knew how unsure it is.

A hacker had once hacked Facebook and left a message when there was no answer. He penetrated again through the security gap and left this time with Zuckerberg's wife a message. However, there was no answer and so the Whitehat Zuckerberg himself decided to leave a message. Zuckerberg did not react, because it would not give Facebook a good image.

What can hackers do?

Hackers can manipulate all processes and thus inject themselves or a script which provides a backdoor (back door). Therefore, you should surf the web carefully and attentively, because you can be turned on anything who knows how to tick without you notice it. There are not only scripts written by the hackers themselves but there are also a lot of tools online to hack certain systems. Source open software is all the more susceptible, because just the source code is freely accessible and then you have to pay more attention to security.

Hackers do not have to watch the script or tool, everything is automated so that if successful, a notification is sent to the hacker or displayed. Every hacker can be the master in his field, because he dominates his territory and you are only as long as it does not matter until you do yourself a harm. If your system is slower than the hacker, you have already lost.

Hier findest Du mögliche Angriffsmöglichkeiten:  Webseite schützen vor Hacker angriffe

What kind of hacker is there?

Hackers are divided into 3 categories, but this does not mean that this is a specification because you can not accurately classify the hackers. A hacker can consist of all 3 or just one, but we will not know that and can only come from one.

  • Whitehat - Act within the laws and make themselves known as the mistakes.
  • Greyhat - Probably violated laws against a higher goal. For example, to expose a lie that has been spread.
  • Blackhat - This is probably his nightmare, these hackers act criminally and without regard to losses. These are not beginners and they get jobs from the government or organizations.

Acquaintances that exist

There are a lot of hackers but listing all of them here is beyond the scope and so I will list a few. Hackers and hacker groups are named here.

  • Anonymus
  • Chaos Computer Club
  • Tron
  • Le Condor
  • Vlad

As mentioned earlier, there are many hackers and some are very famous and others. also good hackers. If you still want to get to material differently, just use Google. Type the following into the search bar "Hacked by", then you'll come across hacked websites the way hackers see names hacking the page. There is so much material on the web including password lists that belong to major platforms.

If you have an addition to the topic of hacking, ask or criticism and suggestion, leave a comment.


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