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With an HTML editor, you can save a lot of work, but it should be the right one. I personally think that it should also be visually appealing, but this can also be done with plugins. Some HTML editors need plugins to make it easier to work with, since they only contain the basic elements. Others already contain a lot more and you can start working with it. Here I will introduce you to some and go into a few points to give you a brief overview. Because when you start programming it's easy to overlook an editor that you might have liked to use.

The HTML editors I will introduce you can do much more than just HTML and CSS. Of course, you should first look at HTML editors and then also pay attention to important points with HTML and CSS. Because if you start right away you will lose some time because you will later realize that you could do something different. You can also find a few articles here in the blog that could help you.

Why use an HTML editor ?

As already mentioned, it makes your work easier. The biggest advantage is that it highlights your code in color and makes it more recognizable. So it becomes clearer and the search function helps you to find the places you want to change, which is also marked. An autocompletion so that you don't have to write everything twice, but not every HTML editor contains this, but it makes a lot of sense to have it. If something is not available in an editor, you can usually add it with a plugin. There are also extensions like emmet which help you to create entire HTML frameworks with shortcuts. So there is a lot possible how you can read with an HTML editor.

If you type in Google HTML Editor you will find a lot of them and you will not have an overview of all of them at the beginning because the experience is simply lacking. I'll give you a list of some and some information about it, I'll start with the best in my opinion.

Visual Studio Code by Microsoft

This HTML editor from Microsoft is really successful and was one of the only things I used for frontend work. Therefore I will write an article for this editor which contains very good plugins for it. Visual Studio Code can not only highlight the code or show details about it, but can do much more. Even if you have to add plugins, such as auto completion. But there are a lot of plugins that you can use if you work in a team, Microsoft itself offers a very cool plugin. This allows you to share your code with the team by giving your colleagues direct access to it so everyone can see their name on the code in the specific area. So everyone can have a look and also help with problems or show something cool.
 Visual Studio Code

Adobe Brackets by Adobe

This is a free HTML editor from Adobe, of course Adobe has also paid HTML for free. And I think it is very suitable for these purposes, because there are also numerous plugins if something is missing that you need. Unfortunately, I only specified the GitHub page here. The website cannot be reached at https but only under an insecure connection.


Atom's HTML editor also offers numerous plugins that are well worth working with. If you have the right plugins installed, it will make work a lot easier. This editor already includes auto-completion when coding. You can set and change colors in every editor in this list. You can also make certain settings how to proceed with formatting, which is also very helpful.

Sublime Text

I personally used this HTML editor very little because I didn't like it as much as the others. It also plays a role as the editor you like, after a while you realize whether you like it or not. Therefore you should spend some time with the respective editor to see which one is better to deal with. All of these editors have shortcuts with which you can get to your destination very quickly.
 Sublime Text


NotePad was one of the first editors I used and is kept very simple from the surface to the others but does what the others do. I haven't used it since then, but I should mention it anyway. As already mentioned, it is something different for everyone which one likes or not. That's why I think it's worth taking a look at this HTML editor, just to see the differences even if a lot is identical.

So I hope I was able to give you a good insight so that you have a lot to try. Then I wish you a lot of fun with it and if you liked it follow me on social media or leave criticism, praise, additions as a comment here.


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