Tips and Tricks for your Website

- You can integrate in Netbeans Grunt so that they can be served on dedicated surfaces or via the console and here you will learn step by step how to do that. With Grunt JS you can Converting and compressing your SASS or LESS files into CSS, although... Read more

- Dynamically robots.txt - generate, in PHP for it one can use a small function and can be expanded and adapted arbitrarily. You can also create them with any text editor. Use the robots.txt because it also has a part in the web meaning and you can... Read more

- The Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools is an important tool, even if some underestimate it. Google gives you all the necessary data and important information about your website. Thus, you can evaluate everything and react u.a. You can connect... Read more

- Are sitemap generators really a good choice? It all depends on your website, if you have links to external sites or links to social networks (share / follow), then I would say that it is not good to use a sitemap generator. Since any links are included... Read more

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