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Here in the blog for developers, webmasters, bloggers and more you will learn, among other things, how you can create a website, a blog, SEO, programming and much more. Click through the list or search for something specific in the search function. You want to know insiders, then you are exactly right here. In this special blog you will also find everything according to the truth so that you also learn the background and therefore this blog is special. Not only developers but also webmasters, search engine optimizers and also bloggers will find very interesting articles here.


- It's not as common a topic as some other topics, but a very important one. And the first question is whether using or without a slash at the end of the URL would be the better choice for our SEO. But Google does not comment on it but tells us what... Read more


- We can use JavaScript to set, read, update and remove cookies. The special thing is that we are on the client side and so much more than server-side of the user received. So in understandable language we're closer to the user because we're... Read more

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