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A scaffold or scaffolding helps you to retrieve your projects faster and automatically create them. You can tailor them to your needs and save more effective time while working. You can do this close to with all programming languages, it usually uses the console.

But saving time is not the only advantage, it brings scaffold many benefits with it and especially in the team. Even if this is about developers, this is also used among non developers. Just like when you have certain documents ready in the office with all the questions and everything.

Why use a scaffold?

So a scaffold helps you to save maximum time when creating projects. Because you prepare a scaffolding which you always need and therefore do not have to create again and again. With a command you can then use the prepared query also modify the files before they are copied. So you not only save time but also flexible.

That's not enough, you can put all the projects in a folder according to customer, year and project name so that everything is very well sorted. Here is an example of using JavaScript for more advanced:
 Generate Webpack Preact

Scaffolding in Team

You can create a scaffold next to all programming languages. And in the team everyone can work on it, so that in the end what is produced happens uniformly. So each developer can also perform the CODE of the other much better. Because if everyone is programmed in their own way then sooner or later it will be difficult to understand the other's code. It is not impossible, but it can be very time consuming if you have to do reverse engineering.

 PHP Scaffold Template
 GruntJS Scaffold Template

Is a construction expensive?

So you'll read from time to time that a scaffold can be costly, of course this can be done too. But if you never start, you will never really work effectively and save maximum time. It also depends entirely on the scaffold itself how complex it will be, as already mentioned, in the team everyone can work on it. This allows it to reach its destination faster, as there will never be an end, so of course you should also use versioning.


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