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This is about the best free SEO tools. There are a lot of SEO tools, but most are restricted or you have to register to be able to crawl every 24 hours. However, if you want to use the tool to its full extent, you have to create a premium account and this is sometimes associated with extremely high costs.

I have to say that the tools do their job very well, but can vary from tool to tool. Let us now turn to the tools that I would like to introduce to you today. These tools are designed for SEO and show you e.g. like your meta description, headlines or even if your pictures have alternative attributes, etc. They rate your page all according to different or even the same criteria. With that not enough, I go into all SEO relevant tools, show you how the pros go about and take everything into consideration. Some tools I imagine are completely free or just a few features.

Which free SEO tools are there?

There are lots of free SEO tools and they also put backlinks on your site. The comparison with the Google Search Console shows that these tools are not 100% accurate, but this may include: This is because the systems record and evaluate at different times. In Search Console you have e.g. 56 backlinks and if you use a tool, then this tool will probably find one or even none. But there are also backlink checkers with which you can take a closer look.

Without these tools, you would waste a lot of time, because these tools can save you a lot of time. In order to avoid having to use these tools constantly, tnado SEO & AMP CMS functions have been integrated, which point you already during the creation on it. For other CMS systems you need a plugin, which usually has to be purchased for the full version.

First, not to forget:  Google Search Console and our own Tool  SEOLIC.

Here are my select free SEO tools:

This is my compilation for you and should give you first of all a detailed help to your website. If you have an insecure feeling then check this place to make sure it is correct or read it. Trust is good, but control is better.

Why use SEO tools?

The best way to test regularly your page and subpages, so you make sure that everything has its right. To improve your SEO it is necessary to constantly fulfill certain factors.

Google has over 200 criteria for SEO but not all published or none.

The more important it is to bundle general knowledge and experience, that is why SEO tools have already collected the most SEO relevant information and check your page for this.

You can use the SEO tools much faster to survey everything than in the HTML code itself and so can respond faster. These tools tell you exactly where to put it so that you can quickly identify and fix sources of error.

Check social networks

You need certain tags for some social networks so that you can share pictures or individual texts while sharing. On Facebook, for example, it would be the Open Graph meta tags or Twitter's own Twitter meta tags. So check this too so it's all right and your SEO is nothing in the way, because any mistake on the page means that you may give your opponent a chance.

Create and check backlinks

For backlinks you have to make sure that you do not create backlinks on too many dubious sites. It is best to place your backlinks on large pages or even good blogs. If you have placed a few, it will take some time to capture them with a tool or Google will show them to you.

Keywords and keyword research

Most beginners do not understand exactly what keywords are and also not how to use them properly. It does not help to interpret your text on the search engines because people should read it. Of course you should pay attention, but your content decides which keyword you should use. If you are e.g. If you have an article about software like Netbeans and a framework like GruntJS which are used together (tutorial), your main keyword should be Netbeans Grunt (contigues are possible, but your keyword is only one if used together).

Now, when people are typing Netbeans Grunt in the search, they will find your article after indexing and a little while if your content is considered valuable by Google. Therefore, your pages and posts also share in social networks to show that you are providing good content when visiting Google, so Google rates them better too.

Use competitive analysis tools

Also check your competitors with the tools to get more out of your site, e.g. Check their page on the same keyword and you will quickly see that are not as well positioned as expected. Then you can act accordingly and optimize your page, so you'll easily overhaul the other article in the next few weeks.

But your competitors do not do anything else, but someone forgets something, that's your advantage. If the competitor does not use a tool, it is an advantage for you. You should use tools so that you are not behind, but at the top can be involved.

Testing speed for SEO

Since the speed of your site also has a size meaning in the search engine optimization you should examine your side also on the speed out and improve as far as possible. So then I still have these speed tools for you:

Sometimes the limit is reached and more is not possible, we do not want to run black hat SEO and not be warned by search engines. Check with Apache AB test your Website for outlast  AB Test Apache.

Tools for Duplicate Content

You should also make sure that you do not produce duplicate content. Because then you run the risk of negatively influencing your SEO. Duplicate content does not necessarily have to come from your content itself, it is already enough if one content (page) can be reached under two URLs. So that's why there are tools that you can use to check for duplicate content.

Use Google Search Console

Now that you have figured out what was the cause of your duplicate content, you can act accordingly. Have you provided a few links to help, if any of these problems should concern you.

Check if listed in blacklist

Your website or IP address may be listed in a blacklist, so check this too. This can also happen with your email address and you can also check this.

Use MX Toolbox

Monitoring tool for ranking

Of course, you also want to track his ranking somehow, some of the above tools show that your ranking, however, only up to 30th place or so. To deepen that now you can access other tools and look a little deeper, as I have interesting link for you ;)

If you still know others then they like to contribute with a comment. I hope I could help you and ask, criticism or feedback, I would be happy, so if you feel like writing a comment.

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