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A fast and SEO optimized CMS

tnado modern SEO and AMP CMS, Content Management System

From tnado the perfect tool, one of the best CMS for SEO for the OMR, success of a website and search engine optimization. The easy and fast way to better rankings and results

Search engine friend and designed on SEO

tnado offers you a tool to guide you, features that help you create a page or post.

Whether it's the tag Tag, Meta Canonical, the meta description, the focus keyword, or just your Google snippet you'd like to see right now.

Keeping your Webmaster Search Consoles clean speeds up your ranking for better reporting.

All what a CMS need, SEO optimized, AMP (CMS AMP) Engine and many many more.

Powerful, SEO fixed, dynamic and flexible

This CMS was designed for performance right from the start and constantly optimized under observation.

The tnado SEO CMS optimization has been fixed so that close to all tools, immediately deliver good results.

Automatically adjusts requests to search engines automatically (including the sitemap).

With the input options you are flexible and can control the all SEO relevant settings without restriction.

All in one SEO AMP.

Robust programming and best techniques

Error-free and clean code, for a consistent quality and constant success orientation for best speed results.

Optimized for the W3C Internet Standards or Page Speed ​​Insights.

The AMP engine ensures that every page or every post in CMS AMP is made available.

One of the best CMS for SEO with special SEO engine for best ranking results.

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All OnPage and more on Board

tnado offers you everything you need for SEO optimization. So take care of the essentials, such as content, keywords, blog posts etc. tnado provides from the ground up SEO relevant function in the environment. All SEO requirements for CMS inside. These are, inter alia,

  • Indexing Backup by warning message
  • Duplicate Content Protection, page is only shown one URL (non-duplicate)
  • A clean information architecture and URL structure as well as speaking URLs (URL can be editable for descriptive & hierarchically organize without parameters)
  • Content is always visible and the same for Users and Bots
  • Meta data and keyword integration and integrated tnado focuskeyword tool for checking the keyword density
  • Meta Tags: Title, Meta Description, Meta Canonical, Meta Keywords optimize by displaying number of characters everything in view
  • Categorize all sites with a flexible and hierarchical categorization feature
  • Content text is placed in HTML elements and optimize content by checking for sufficient length
  • Schema markup / microdata / structured data in tnado templates / themes
  • XML Sitemap Index Indexing to
  • Internal link through the tnado CMS RTE (rich text editor)
  • Fixed Rel=Canonical placement and editable
  • Heading, strong coding, lists, etc.
  • Anchor texts can be placed and edited

And much more. We also recommend tools to help you make the right choice. Our goal is to get the best CMS for possible results.

Blog content management

Of course you have a blog system here or you decide what will become of what you have written, later changes are not a problem.
Because when a page is renamed or changed, the URL is automatically redirected.
The blog system is equipped with all the features for a blog, so that you can concentrate on the essential here as well.
 tnado Blog

Technical SVG

Technical attributes

A short load time is an important ranking factor for Google  Page Speed Test.

  • Short loading times & caching
  • Valid such as robust HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Valid page speed test
  • No unnecessary or excessive programming
  • Modal View Controller, Object-Oriented and Object Relational Mapping
  • Separation of layout and content
  • Each page with unique title and exactly can only be accessed under a single URL
  • 404 page for calls to subpages that do not exist
  • Title length recommendation as well as word count display
  • Semantic tags like HTML5 elements
  • robots.txt integrated and editable
  • With  Google rules any number of languages ​​are possible, which can be easily linked to each other in a selection box.
  • Open Graph, TwitterCards and Pinterest RichPip, Tag Manager and other products such as Bing, Facebook ...
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) integrates and validates

Analyse Up SVG

Get instantly inspiring results with tnado

Get instant access to your console with some test tools. You'll be amazed at the results you expect. We also have a few tips and tricks on how to keep this search engine optimization. However, the rest depends on your content, the link building, backlinks and various other points. We can only give you the tool where you can reach your goal faster.

Avoid duplicate content, most websites also CMS used by millions of users, have 20% -40% duplicate content problems

Check for duplicate content with  SEO Review Tools. tnado has duplicate content protect inside.

Responsive Design

Responsive layouts and structured data

Not only the responsive layout is a factor for  Google friendly, but also micro data (structured data for bots / crawlers) play a role. Without certain elements or even a markup, it is difficult to find a bot / crawler who wants crawl the information. With tnado you are also on the safe side, use one of the themes / templates that are equipped with it.

Search Engine SVG

Designed for the most used optimization tools

Everything from his web appearance and that does not go without the Search Console. We provide you with a CMS framework which is completely like the tools like

  • Search Console
  • Page Speed
  • GTmetrix
  • PingDom

etc., it is necessary to do what is necessary by human hands.

Publication of tnado you can follow here as well as news and also exciting blog posts you will find here until then.

We will provide you with as soon as possible options with which stay up-to-date. Be it a newsletters or a push notification.
In the next few weeks there should be a lot of change and be filled with life.

SEO for all with the tnado CMS

Designed to allow every user the possibility to integrate and manage settings, extensions or even code snippets. All this without developer and without programming skills . Also developers come here not too short on the contrary, which expects a clean environment to OOP, MVC and ORM without any libraries, everything PURE PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (LESS)...

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With tnado CMS all the way up

We at tnado have set us the goal to get you up.

Start next with SEO and CMS (SEO Content Management System) combine in one with all requirements.


Management System AMP

Each page is available in a normal responsive layout version and also in an AMP version.

tnado CMS AMP Engine separates AMP templates as AMP CMS (Content Management System) this give the optimal and maximum performance with valid code.

Integrated AMP analytics (Google) and more...

More about the  AMP Project.
More about  tnado AMP Engine
This site in AMP  tnado AMP

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Get best results in Test Tools

We have tnado optimally adapted to almost all tools, so that you only need to take care of your content.

You do not need a premium account and no feature costs, you can use all features to the full extent.

Open Source Project (ALL FREE)

This is an open source project, the license art is not fixed yet, as with most CMS systems, it will probably go beyond the MIT license.

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