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Bill Gates once said in an essay "Content is king." A precise quote, but who knows as a layman what is really meant. In the age of hyper-content marketing, this 11-year-old statement has taken on another dimension of meaning.

As explained  here, a good CMS is essential. Now we come to the content, the content of the website.

The aim of the content is to attract as many visitors to the target group as possible to their own website. Therefore, good content is all the more important as you should provide your target audience with informative content in order to receive the added value as well.

No matter whether private blogger or company with online shop, one presents itself in the www (World Wide Web) to be found. When the right tool - the CMS - is available, it's time to think about how to build the website, how to write interesting and useful content, and present it visually with images and videos.

Possible ways and basics

There are two ways to do this. One is a high-cost and time-consuming agency to hire. The other is to do it yourself.

High-quality texts are the basis for relevant content. The following criteria are part of good webtext.

Unique content

Who u.a. Texts copied by fellow campaigners and inserted into his website are in danger. One is that the competitor's website has been around for some time and has already been captured and used by Google. The other is that you turn to intellectual property. Therefore, it is only recommended to avoid this. The keyword is Duplicate Content. Make something special out of your website :)

Structured and error-free

The visitor to your website must be able to find his way without much thought. Is everything clear and intuitive to find? Usability is reflected here as well. If you write the content of your website yourself, ask friends and family what you can improve. After all, you yourself know where something is and it seems logical - just remember, everyone is different from the user behavior of a website. Also not to forget is the spelling and sentence structure. Sure, you can mistype. However, the basis is the correct spelling, because yes, also hereby you can drive away visitors, because the competence is quickly challenged and misspelled keywords bring no benefit.

The target group

You have to keep in mind "who is reading my text, who am I talking to with the content of my website?" The text can be written in different ways, u. a. with more or less technical terms, foreign words, possibly for teenagers with in-words, by you, by you or neutral? It also plays a role in which or which languages ​​the content of your website is presented. This should be considered carefully the desired range of the website.

Informative and entertaining content

The content of your website should, of course, reflect the correct information that the visitor hopes to find. But too much input in dry language or just bullet points can quickly ruin the visitor to the website. In order not to flood the eye with text, the visual design in the form of media, such as. As pictures and videos, not missing.

For many, the term


no foreign word. Keywords. Here you will soon learn more about this important topic and SEO tips.


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