What is AMP ? (Accelerated Mobile Pages)


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Accelerated Mobile Pages, a protocol designed to accelerate media retrieval via Google mobile devices. This method stores pages on Google servers and delivers them from there after indexing.

Apache, MySQL and PHP - software products that are often used in this compilation, among others. also called AMP. And tnado consists of both AMPs

 AMP pages are structured differently and contain other components or complementary. You can add and remove as needed, but not all have to be included. If you use a picture on your site you have to use the amp-img tag instead of the img tag and much more. Here is an example page for a picture.

     0  <!doctype html>  1    <head>  2      ...  3      <style amp-custom>  4        /* any custom styles go here. */  5        body {  6          background-color: white;  7        }  8        amp-img {  9          border: 5px solid black;  10        }  11    12        amp-img.grey-placeholder {  13          background-color: grey;  14        }  15      </style>  16      ...  17    </head>  18    <body>  19      <p>Hello, World.</p>  20      <amp-img  21      class="grey-placeholder"  22      src="https://picsum.photos/200/300"  23      srcset="https://picsum.photos/200/300 640w,  24             https://picsum.photos/200/300 320w"  25      width="500"  26      height="300"  27      layout="responsive">  28      </amp-img>  29    </body> 

    Insert amp-img script and load it to use that Ads is then provided with the appropriate tags and written into the template.

    Where to use AMP

    Preferably, AMP is used by news sites, but I think, which is also controversial, the one with AMP gives its website a better ranking. You can use AMP so that it hardly differs from the normal system and is not forced to use AMP Themes / Templates but there are certain tags and specifications anyway.

    Basically it is a page of you in the cache at Google and then output from there. And Google delivers your page just faster than you :) Of course, other factors also play a role, but these can be read on the AMP project page.


    AMP provides a page that is maintained regularly and examples of AMP pages are presented with snippets.
     AMP by Example

    Or under  AMP Start view and download finished templates.

    Why use AMP

    As already mentioned, I think that it can improve your ranking considerably, since AMP pages are preferred by news sites. In smartphones or tablets already mixed news from multiple publishers are bundled and offered to users. This means that if you run news service and do not provide an AMP page, your pages will never show up there.

    AMP takes a faster path than some of Google's other techniques and opinions are different, follow it for yourself and take a look :)

    tnados AMP Engine

    In tnado AMP is so integrated that just as you can create templates for a normal system, you can also create one for AMP separately from the main template. So you have both sides under control, because they are separated from each other but provide the same data.

    You can make the AMP page different or even the same, that's up to you at the end. Or you simply use one of the finished templates / themes. The template structures are fixed and can be expanded and expanded by developers as desired. It's very easy to build a theme because the structures are very clear and have even been clearly arranged for a beginner.


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