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Here in the blog for developers, webmasters, bloggers and more you will learn, among other things, how you can create a website, a blog, SEO, programming and much more. Click through the list or search for something specific in the search function. You want to know insiders, then you are exactly right here. In this special blog you will also find everything according to the truth so that you also learn the background and therefore this blog is special. Not only developers but also webmasters, search engine optimizers and also bloggers will find very interesting articles here.


- Set up the Google Search Console and that necessarily! Formerly called webmaster tools, it is an important tool even if some underestimate it. The Google Search Console provides you with all the necessary data and important information about your website.... Read more

- Are sitemap generators really a good choice? It all depends on your website, if you have links to external sites or links to social networks (share / follow), then I would say that it is not good to use a sitemap generator. Since any links are included... Read more


- A Web CMS (Web Content Management System) , commonly referred to as a content management system, is software designed for creating, editing, and organizing various content on your website, such as media or text. This web-based system has been crafted... Read more

- In order to be able to do SEO, you first need a website. You could create these in any form and create exactly when you start everything. As I said, there are many ways to create a website, here are some: Pure HTML website (self-coded) A framework... Read more

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