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Here in the blog for developers, webmasters, bloggers and more you will learn, among other things, how you can create a website, a blog, SEO, programming and much more. Click through the list or search for something specific in the search function. You want to know insiders, then you are exactly right here. In this special blog you will also find everything according to the truth so that you also learn the background and therefore this blog is special. Not only developers but also webmasters, search engine optimizers and also bloggers will find very interesting articles here.


- Bill Gates once said in an essay "Content is king." A precise quote, but who knows as a layman what is really meant. In the age of hyper-content marketing, this 11-year-old statement has taken on another dimension of meaning. As explained... Read more


- You can integrate in Netbeans Grunt so that they can be served on dedicated surfaces or via the console and here you will learn step by step how to do that. With Grunt JS you can Converting and compressing your SASS or LESS files into CSS, although... Read more

- You can also create the robots.txt with any text editor and it might look like this. Here we create a dynamic robots.txt, but there are several possibilities in PHP to write to a file. We use here file_put_contents() and write for it our own small... Read more

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